Grammar Misfits is a series of podcasts designed specifically for the University of Wisconsin-Madison Grammar Badgers website. These podcasts take traditional grammar, usage, and the rules we follow (or break), and add a research-based, linguistic twist. The primary goal of each podcast is to be fun, interesting, accessible, and short, lasting around four minutes each.  

Lady Mondegreen’s Eggcorns
This episode of Grammar Misfits is all about mistakes. Misheard lyrics, misunderstood words, and little bit of history all come together in this lesson about how our ears shape what we do with our mouths. You’ll be surprised at just how useful a mistake can be.

“Time’s a-wastin’!”
In this episode of Grammar Misfits we discuss how typical grammar constructions in the past were ruled out over time and how a few of them got stabilized as idioms. Taking the idiom “Time’s a-wastin’!” as an example, we explore the history of progressive passives, the becoming of fixed expressions and idioms and people’s misperception of non-standard English.

Celebrity Grammar Bashing
Ever wonder why so many people take the time to troll celebrities about their grammar mistakes on Twitter?  Or why newspapers like the Washington Post publish full-length articles about former President Obama’s incorrect usage of a personal pronoun?  In this 5-minute segment of the Grammar Misfits podcast series, we explore the phenomenon of celebrity grammar bashing and what it can teach us about public grammar perception in general.


Created by Samantha, Trevor, Jake