From left to right: Christine, Samantha, Tiffany, Trevor, Neal, Jonathan, Tim, Jake, Cris, Iman, Isaac, Lynn, Joy, Youngmo, Minhee, Kelsey, Vilcky. Not pictured: Maggie and Glenn.

rsz_image001_1 Meet the Contributors:

Samantha Beaver discovered linguistics earlier in life than most, and has been a die-hard descriptivist since her high school years.  While a career in linguistics is definitely in her future, she admits to being somewhat distracted by other current events, including a new house and baby due September 2017.  She is confident that Baby Beaver will be just as much of a Grammar Badger someday as she and her colleagues are now.

Isaac Bentley will admit to not being the most devoted linguist (considering his prescriptive tendencies). However, he does concede an undeniable interest in studying popular perceptions of “grammar”. Ultimately, he hopes that his B.A. in English and eventual M.A. in Applied English Linguistics will yield a fructiferous career.

Kelsey Berg is in the Applied English Linguistics program at UW – Madison.  She teaches 9th grade English as a second language and has also taught Spanish.  She thinks all things language-y are super fun!  


… with a little help from everyone’s favorite badger